Monday, August 16, 2010

And so begins our journey...

Last week I started following 2 Teaching Mommies in hopes of finding great ideas for homeschooling our lil' man.  He turned 3 in July (wow, where does the time go!?) and I've been searching for lesson plans that incorporate God and not just the regular "abc" material.  I am so happy I found their blog!!

Madonna and Amber make it so easy to teach.  Other than working with the Korean children while we were stationed in Korea (their material was already determined), I haven't had any experience.  I was so excited to find their weekly lessons FREE for download which also includes extra optional ideas as well as all the links you'll need.  How handy is that!?   Plus, they have a free giveaway that goes perfect with their first weekly lesson.  Head on over and check them out!

A few pictures of P in action:

We colored the letter B and he was gluing pictures of different body parts onto the B. He also glued pom-poms onto the number "2" but for some reason, I don't have pictures of that.  Hmm...sneaky pictures.

Today we'll be finishing up the 3 day lesson plan and will begin week 2 - my family, my home.  I can't wait and neither can he! :)